Weeping Angels - Major Update (First Look) - DWCM

Weeping Angels - Major Update (First Look) - DWCM


Two Weeping Angels

Weeping Angel FeaturesEdit

Class: Hostile

Weapon(s): Time displacement (dealt by touch)

Speed: Extremely fast

Abilities: Quantum locking, Neutralizing Torches

Planet(s) Found On: The Grim, Planets with a minmum of level 5 civilization

General Overview:Edit

The Weeping Angels are a race of winged humanoids that appear to be made out of stone. If touched by a Weeping Angel, you will be sent into a random planet and time era, however, if they do not have much energy and are weak you will only be sent to a different planet. If seen by an entity, they are frozen until one stops looking at the Weeping Angel. If two weeping angels are both looking at eachother, they can not break the quantom lock on their own and will be trapped until something breaks the lock. As soon as they are not being looked at, even for the time it takes to blink, they will attack a victim. Weeping Angel's will also attempt to remove any light source, as they cannont be seen in the dark.