Detailed information about the Dalek Mod can be found here.

The Major Differences between DWCM & Other Doctor Who ModsEdit

The Doctor Who Client Mod is a Doctor Who (DWCM) "mod" for Minecraft. However while it was the first to come into existence and probably serves as inspiration for many people out there, it is not the only one anymore. The Dalek Mod is a mod for Minecraft that adds in lots of features from Doctor Who into Minecraft. Primarily, Daleks and other mobs. But the DWCM has many different features that are creative and make sense in the canon of the show

  • Client Mod: The name of the DWCM was not pulled out of a hat but rather it serves to have true meaning behind it. The Client Mod indicates that there is a custom client /launcher that has been created for it. This Launcher/Client is known as the "Hub", or rather the iKingsSGC Mod Division Launcher. Based on what TheiKing has said about the "Hub", it looks to be unlike any launcher we have seen for minecraft. It is actually a multipurpose program that allows you to view, comment, or even post about ISGC topics on the ISGC forums, youtube channel, or Steam.(Makes it harder to start up)
  • Story line. The DWCM adds a layer of story-sandbox gameplay aspect that will initially be in at least two chapters. The first chapter has to do with the TARDIS memory matrix crystals being scattered around the universe, and making creatures from the TARDIS' memory into reality. You then have to travel around the universe, fighting monsters, defeating boss mobs, saving planets, and repairing the TARDIS. The second chapter has something to do with Minecraftia either being destroyed, or saved, and the universe falling apart and old companions from the Classic Series showing up again. The story is an extra layer that is added to the standard sandbox/freeplay/freeroam  minecraft gameplay. It is only required to participate in the story if you wish to unlock more content.(So pointless if you're trying to mess about)
  • Difference in models. The DWCM tends to go for realistic, "high-quality" models. The Voxel Doctor mod goes for a similar approach. The Dalek Mod usually sticks to blocky/minecraft-style models(Wayy less laggy and currently way more accurate.).
  • Revolutionary systems. The DWCM has features that push Minecraft to its limits.(Super low FPS) It adds GUIs and systems that have never been done before--some never been done before PERIOD--in Minecraft such as a TARDIS flight GUI(The Dalek Mod has flight mode), autopilot systems, RPG mobs that make different decisions every time you play the game, a "smart"-entity system, a time travel/space travel system, and even more!
  • DWCM is the Largest mod to date. Besides the new systems and features, the DWCM adds many new mobs, planets and time eras to the game!
  • The TARDIS mod, Voxel Doctor mod and Dalek Mod have all been released. The DWCM has also been released in open alpha