Grim FeaturesEdit

Biomes: One

Structures: Mausoleum, Sunnydale Highschool, Egyptian Pyrimid/Crypts, Memory Matrix Crystal Crypt

Flora: Naturally growing crooked spires, fairly tall bush hedges

Mobs: Skaarian Skeleton , Realistic Zombie , Phantom Jack O' Lantern , Demonic Rocking Chair , Phantom Rocking Chair, Litch, The Wicked Witch Of The West, Draculan, Carrionite, The Watchman Of The Night, Flying Monkeys, Dracula, Mummies, The Mummy King, Minecraftian Zombies

Other Objects: Tombstone (there are many different kinds), Nimbuss 2000, Coffin, Sarcouphagus

General OverviewEdit

There are 5 major buildings complexes on the Grim. Each of them contains a boss mob which holds a piece of a key. There is an underground crypt where you can insert the key, and a Memory Matrix Crystal is there. It is unknown if the Memory Matrix Crystal was placed in that crypt by an individual, or if it teleported there by chance. The planet is located in The System Of Legends. It has been hinted that this is Trenzalore from an alternate dimension. If it isn't, then it is certain that it is Trenzalore in the past.


The Grim mainly consists of one island, known as Alcatraz. Surrounding it is a sea made entirely of soulsand. Alcatraz has many graves spread around it, presumably of those who died in a great war there (possibly the Time War). The terrain is fairly level. The ground is a grayish dirt, with minerals mixed into it.


Before the war:Edit

Nothing is known about this time period, however it contained many of the species that can be found on the later Grim.

After the war:Edit

As time went on, a dying scientist known as Dracula commited horrible crimes and experiments against his own people (the exact acts are unknown) to preserve his life. In order to reach immortality, he altered his time line which activated a rift leading directly towards Earth. Some of the planet's survivors escaped to that planet where they sprung off legends and folklore about monsters. This lead to the holiday known as "All Hallows Eve", or more commonly, "Halloween". However, he did not foresee that the rift would continue to grow wider, and the fate of the planet is unkown.Edit


Nothing is known about this time period, however it will contain the giant TARDIS. To keep continuity, the giant TARDIS will be an upscaled version of whatever form the Chameleon Circuit is on.