Default Console

Default Console

TARDIS ConsoleEdit

The TARDIS Console is where you can fly the TARDIS. Whether you fly it manually with buttons on the console, or with the GUI on the monitor. Different consoles appear in different console rooms, however you can switch them out using the Architectural Reconfiguration System. You can also assign a function to each side of the console, but by default, they control the World Selection GUI, TARDIS Flight GUI (there is an option to fly the TARDIS manually with the console's levers and switches),  Architectural Reconfiguration System, and Memory Crystal Matrix, Chameleon Circuit, and the selected Console Room.

Known Confirmed ConsolesEdit

  • Default Console
  • Coral Console
  • Copper Console
  • Classic Consoles. There are be multiple consoles from the Classic series. It is likely the 1984-1989 will be one of them, as it appears in a cutscene.
  • Toyota Console
2010 console

Copper Console (Unfinished)