A Blue Skith

Skith FeaturesEdit

Class: Hostile

Weapon(s): Projectile Ice Shards

Speed: Slow, Fast

Abilities: Smart Entity System, Fighting, Snow Spreading,

Planet(s) Found On: Ownworld

General OverviewEdit

The Skith are a race of humanoids made entirely out of what appears to be ice shards. After the destruction of their homeplanet, Ownworld, there were only small colonies spread throughout the galaxy. The Skith in the DWCM have been redesigned as warriors. Most Skith were blue and transparent, however some were other colours such as the red leader. When apporaching an enemy, they can walk slowly and completely silent, or fast with loud stomping. However, when fast, it will kill you before you can know what it is. theIKingsSGC Forums lists Skith under "Planet Specific Creatures", so they will not appear on other planets than Ownworld. If they wander onto non snow covered land, they will place snow there. They have fully animated mouth, toungue, and teeth animations.