A Realistic Zombie

Realistic Zombie Features:

Class: Hostile

Weapon(s): Unknown

Speed: Varies

Abilities: Unknown

Drops: Unknown

General Overview:Edit

The Realistic Zombies are a species on the Grim. They resmble Minecraftian zombies, only they lack many parts of their body. The have lost their: left arm, chunck of upper-left leg, chuck of lower-right leg, chunk of upper-chest (shotgun hole). For the most part, these act like Minecraftian zombies. However, there are multiple speeds at which they can walk, and they have more aggresive growns and growls. Its wounds drip blood particles, however there may be an option to disable them. Minecraftian zombies also appear on this planet. Their walking animation is based off of "The Walking Dead". While Time Lords have a natural immunity to the zombie virus, it will cause illness and your health will flucntuate, and you will have a sickness effect. It is unkown if you will detox or heal over time. These are the basic versions of these zombies. These will sometimes creak out of coffins. When completely killed, they will not despawn, but rather drop into a pile of disembodied parts.