Magma Serpent - Feature Rundown - DWCM

Magma Serpent - Feature Rundown - DWCM


Magma Serpent FeaturesEdit

Class: Hostile

Speed: Unkown

Weapon(s): Teeth

Abilities: Smart Entity System, Fighting

Planet(s) Found On: Minecraftia

Drops: Unknown

General OverviewEdit

Magma Serpents are common creatures throughout the universe, found only on Earth-like planets. They have an extremely smooth slithering animation. Aside from their head, their entire body is made out of magma, and as such, they spawn flame particles. However, they will turn into obsidian if they come into contact with water. They live and spawn inside of magma pools. When  searching for food, they are usually found above ground alone. However, when underground they are often found in pairs of two. If they bite you, you will be set on fire, and will have 4 hearts of damage dealt. They generate light, so they can easily be found in the dark.