Leprechauns (Feature Breakdown) - July 17

Leprechauns (Feature Breakdown) - July 17


the Leprechaun Model.

Leprichaun FeaturesEdit

Class: Neutral

Weapon(s): Shillelagh (Only for some varients)

Speed: Stealth (can teleport from blocks in the blink of an eye), Speed (Very fast), Hop (can jump 4 blocks in any direction)

Abilities: Unknown

Planet(s) Found On: Shillelagh

Drops: Unkown

General Overview:Edit

The Leprechaun is a species of sentient miniature bipeds that keep away from society, and have a tendency to love gold. They are found on Human inhabited planets such as Earth, but their homeworld is in the System of Legends. They are extremely fast, and will run away or teleport if they suspect they have been found. As such, they are theoretically not able to be captured. When running at high speeds, they will drop gold coins. If they are in fact captured however, they will grant you three wishes (this feature is not confirmed), and you recieve a pot of gold. You will also gain an unknown item. They and their pot of gold can be found by following the edge of a rainbow on Human inhabited planets. Some varients of it can use a Shillelagh to generate offensive rainbows.