TARDIS INTERIOR (First Look) - May 11 - iSGC Plus DailyReport

TARDIS INTERIOR (First Look) - May 11 - iSGC Plus DailyReport

Time And Relative Dimension In Space



This is a page about all the known TARDIS Rooms. More rooms may be announced in the future. It is important to note that this only shows a handful of rooms, and is not even remotely close to the gargantuan, absolutely massive TARDIS that will be in the finished DWCM.

Known RoomsEdit

Soft Server Ice Cream Parlor - This is a place where you eat ice cream and swim in a pool.

Library - An enourmous library that even has a swimming pool!

Zoo - a repurposed room from the Mineland server.

Lunch Room - A room to eat in.

Food synthesizer - a room where you can synthesize food to eat.

Garden Dome - A garden where you can grow food.

Huon Particle Containment Matrix - This is where all of the Huon Particles will be stored to power the TARDIS.

Template Console Room - This is a basic console room that can be customized the way you want it. There are several of these around the TARDIS.

Wood Console Room - A console room with a carpenter aesthetic

Edolas Console Room - A massive tower console room with a console set on top of a sandstone pyramid. It was built with the mindset of a grand alien race.