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This page is a list of every 100% confirmed planet to be in the DWCM. These will all be accesible by the TARDIS Planet/Time Era GUI. However, many (if not most) of these will not be accessible until you have found memory matrix crystals.


System Of Legends Edit

  • Stella Amorini
  • Shillelagh
  • The Grim
  • Candyland
  • Minotaur-Themed Planet

    Many of the planets, solar systems, and moons you can travel to!

Skat Moj Edit

  • Minecraftia

Sol Edit

  • Earth
  • Luna
  • Pete's World Earth
  • Pete's World Luna
  • Mars
  • Jupiter
  • Saturn

Adipose Edit

  • Adipose 1
  • Adipose 3
  • Adipose 5

Xtonix Edit

  • Midnight

Unnamed Solar System Edit

  • Zaralola

Planets with Unknown Solar Systems Edit

  • Jafarfungulum
  • Jeggaborax Cluster
  • Krilla 
  • Ownworld
  • Shadow Proclomation
  • Judoo
  • Ploonaxic
  • Jabanxian Prime
  • Steampunk Planet (name unknown)
  • Planet of Time Lords (may not be Gallifrey)
  • Santa's Village

Solar SystemsEdit

Milky Way Galaxy Edit

  • Sol
  • System Of Legends
  • Skat Moj

Pegasus Galaxy Edit

  • Xtonix

The System of Legends

Unconfirmed PlanetsEdit

These are planets that have not been 100% confirmed.

  • Utopia
  • Holiday/Myths Planet (contains biomes such as "The North Pole," "Bunny Trail," and "Sleepy Hollow Forest")
  • Unnamed Homeplanet Of The Creepers (This was based off of a suggestion. If it will be implemented, it will be in Skat Moj)