This is a page that tells the known boses that will appear in the DWCM. Every boss in the game guards a memory matrix crystal, somehting of approximately equal value, or just stands as a roadblock.

Minecraftian BossesEdit

There are no known bosses on Minecraftia.

Earth BossesEdit

There are no known bosses on Earth.

Candyland BossesEdit

Minion boss - Nothing is known about this boss other than that he has minions, and that he lives in the Peppermint Forest.

Ginger Bread - There is some evidence to suggest this is his name. He/she has minions, who have been decribed as "Flunkies".

Grim BossesEdit

Wicked Witch Of The West. This witch is based off of the Wizard of Oz. She is located in the "Black Castle". She is able to throw potions at you and cast spells on you which have various effects. It is unkown whether or not she flies, but it may be possible for her to be knocked off of the platform, which, presumably, would kll her. She holds a piece of a key neccesary to find the TARDIS memory Matrix Crystal. It is possible that she is a Carrionite.

Dracula. This being is responsible for the creation of the "Draculan" species, more commonly know as Vampires. He commited very heinous crimes againts his own people in order to extend his life. When achieving immortality, he changed time and opened a rift to Earth. Some of Trenzalores inhabitants fled to Earth and spawned off legends of monsters, and created Halloween. He has the ability to turn into a bat, and back into his humanoid form. He is found in Sunnydale high school, and he guards key piece.

The Mummy King. This being appears on the Grim, and guards a key piece. 

The Wicked Witch of The West