K9 Mark IV

K9 Mark IV FeaturesEdit

Class: Friendly

Weapons: Laser

Speed: Unkown

Abilities: Smart Entity System, Fighting

Planet(s) Found On: TARDIS

General OverviewEdit

K9 Mark IV was a robotic canine given to Sarah Jane by the Doctor, and as such he will state many references to "The Sarah Jane Adventures". He appears in the TARDIS, and remains dormant until found by the Doctor. He is in a section of the TARDIS (Possibly the lunch room) that is available at the begging, so a memory matrix crystal s not required to have access to him. If he is upgraded with a Jethrik crystal, then he will have an upgraded "Maximum Defense Mode". If he is upgraded with a Jacenite crystal, then his laser will be more powerful. It is unknown how he got into the TARDIS.