All Easter Eggs in the Open Alpha Edition of DWCM are listed here, type "give @p <item_name> to receive these items

Confirmed ItemsEdit

Name Item Name (/give)
Unbreakable Block dwcm:unbreakable
Helicarrier Rotor (Moving Model) dwcm:helicarrier_spinner
Artron Cell (Empty, used for activating the Mini TARDIS) dwcm:artron_cell
Grim Crypt Key (Currently useless as Crypt does not exist) dwcm:grimCryptKey
Mini TARDIS (Warning, any attempt to give or summon TARDISes will crash your game) dwcm:miniTardis
Toyota Pillar dwcm:toyota_pillar
Toyota Platform dwcm:toyota_platform
Toyota Rings dwcm:toyota_rings
Toyota Side Console dwcm:toyota_sideconsole
Toyota Wall dwcm:toyota_wall
Toyota Railing dwcm:toyota_wallrail