Cyber-Dalek Sneak Peek

Cyber-Dalek Sneak Peek

First look at the Cyber-Dalek


The current Cyber-Dalek.

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Cyber-Dalek FeaturesEdit

Class: Hostile

Weapon(s): Two Dalek Lasers, Electronic Zappers (melee)

Speed: Unkown

Abilities: Smart Entity System, Digging

Planet(s) Found On: Unkown

General OverviewEdit

In an alternate universe, the Mondasian Cybermen offered an alliance, while attacking Torchwood, to the Cult of Skaro. In this universe, the slightly more benevolent Daleks accepted their alliance. And thus, a new race was born. The two being's brain shares one mechanical body, built with both technologies. Its exact Dalekanium/Steel ration is unkown. They entered the Doctor's universe through a rift, though it not known which one or how it was opened. When a Cyber-Dalek speaks, a section of their headband glows. The headband is shaped in a T, named after Torchwood. It is not known what they say before killing someone, however it has been narrowed down to either, "Obliterate!", or "Anhiliate!". The electronic zappers can prevent regernation in most cases.


The prototype design for the Cyber-Dalek