There are many cheat codes in the DWCM, however as of the Open Alpha release there are only two. Each code acts as a way to make the game easier, or simply an easter egg. There will not be a cheat code that unlocks all the planets or time eras. Cheat codes can be activated via a hotkey or the TARDIS monitor.

Known Cheat CodesEdit

Open Alpha

- "ghettotardis". This plays Doctor Who Dubstep music, and bounces the TARDIS up and down while in flight, much like a ghetto car.

- Currently unknown, the "Bobblehead" cheat allows you to give yourself a huge head with configurable size

Closed Alpha

- Bill and Ted's excellent adventure cheat codes. None of these are known, but there are several cheat codes based off of "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure".

- TARDIS Space loop. The name of this aren't known, however this will materialize the TARDIS inside of itself.

- Transendental Cheat Code. The name of this is not known, nor is its function, but it has something to do with the transcendental dimensions although it might make the tardis massive like on trenzalore.